How to Receive Bitcoin

Receive bitcoin from a third-party wallet

Step 1

Open the KeepKey Client App. Each time KeepKey is unplugged and plugged back in, you will need to authenticate your device by entering the PIN you chose during initialization.

Step 2

If you have multiple accounts on your device, select the receiving account for the transaction.

Step 3

Select “Receive Bitcoin”.

Step 4

Copy the receiving address by clicking the green clipboard icon.

KeepKey will provide you with an unused address to which you can send funds. Click on the green clipboard icon to copy the address to your clipboard. To generate more than one new address, click on the right arrow beside the QR code. This will create a new one. Navigate through the addresses using the < > arrows. 

This address can be given to anyone you require payment from. You can also send bitcoin to this address from an existing third party wallet that belongs to you. This address will work for the lifetime of your digital currency accounts; it will never expire. An address, once created, remains yours to use in perpetuity.  

However, unless you understand the privacy implications of reusing addresses, KeepKey recommends using a new address every time you receive a transaction. By default, KeepKey generates a new address for each transaction. 

Step 5

Make sure that the address provided matches the address displayed on your KeepKey. This step ensures that the address does in fact belong to KeepKey. With that being said, your KeepKey does not need to be connected to receive bitcoin. Feel free to save one or more addresses to use at a later date without having to connect your KeepKey. 

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