How to Recover Your KeepKey

Follow these steps to recover your coins on KeepKey

1.     Connect your wiped device and open the KeepKey app.

2.     Select "or Recover KeepKey". 

3.    Before entering your recovery sentence, select a new label and PIN for your device. 

4.    Re-enter your PIN to confirm.  

5.    Using the cipher on your device, enter the first word of your recovery sentence. The word will auto-complete upon entering the fourth letter of each word. 

6.    For example, to enter the letter "b," select the letter that corresponds to "b" on the cipher. Thus, on the cipher below, you would enter "r" as the substitute for b. The cipher will scramble after each letter is entered. This guards your recovery sentence from exposure to the internet. Even if your computer was infected with key-logging software, your recovery sentence would remain safe as the words themselves are not entered. You only input the corresponding letters as they appear on the cipher. 

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