How to Send Bitcoin

Send funds to another bitcoin address

Step 1:  Open the KeepKey client and enter your PIN.

Step 2:  Select “Send bitcoin”.  

Step 3:  Enter the recipient’s address (the address of the person/entity). 

Step 4:  Enter the amount you wish to send and click send. 

Step 5:  Verify the address and amount shown on the device. Confirm and send. 

Tips on Sending Transactions: 

  • Make sure address shown on device matches the address entered.
  • KeepKey automatically calculates fees using Bitcoin Fees.
  • Fees are awarded to miners for mining each block and securing the bitcoin (KeepKey receives no portion of this fee).
  • To send all the bitcoin in a given account less the applicable fee, enter “!” in the amount field. Simply type one exclamation point and KeepKey will automatically calculate this value.

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