How to Use ShapeShift on KeepKey

Swap coin pairs in the KeepKey app

1.    Select the account from which you want to send. This is the coin you want to trade in for a different one. 

2.    Select "send [name of coin]".

3.    In the send to field, choose the coin you want to receive and the account in which to receive it. Your options are listed in the drop-down menu. This is the coin you will own after the ShapeShift transaction is complete.  

Note: before you can use the ShapeShift feature, you must first create an account for the coin you want receive. You can create multiple accounts for each coin. 

4.    Press "Convert and Send".

5.    Confirm the transaction on your device.

That's it! You're done! KeepKey and ShapeShift will do the rest.

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