Initialize Your KeepKey

Step 1:  Open the KeepKey Chrome App, and select "Initialize KeepKey".

Step 2:  Label your device. 

  • The label distinguishes your KeepKey from other KeepKeys.  
  • Note: you can relabel your device after initialization.

Step 3:  Select a PIN between 1-9 digits (6+ digits recommended).

  • You will see a randomized, scrambled number placement on your device. 
  • On your device, find the digit you want to select, then click on the square that corresponds with its location.  
  • Once you've entered your PIN, select "Choose PIN".  

Step 4:  Re-enter your PIN and select "Confirm PIN".

  • The number placement will be randomized and re-scrambled. 
  • You can always change your PIN at a later date.

Step 5:  Carefully write down your 12-word recovery sentence.

  • Write down each word in the order displayed on your device. 
  • This 12-word recovery sentence is a mnemonic representation of your private keys, and serves as the last line of defense if your KeepKey is ever lost or stolen. 
  • Make sure each word is spelled correctly. 
  • You are only shown this sentence once, so it is very important that you accurately copy each word in the order presented. Take your time and check your work! 

Step 6:  Press the button on your device to confirm that you have written your recovery sentence on your recovery card. 

You have completed the initialization process. Remember to store your recovery card in a secure location. You're now ready to send and receive transactions with KeepKey. Once you're ready to send digital assets to your KeepKey, click here for instructions.  

What is the purpose of the initialization process? 

  • Secure the device: 
    • KeepKey does not ship with pre-determined private keys. 
    • Private keys are generated and displayed only on your device; they are never exposed to the internet. 
    • KeepKey provides a backup copy of your private keys in mnemonic form. 
    • Your private keys are generated by combining the entropy from KeepKey and your computer client, which combine to produce 128 bits of entropy.
    • The number of 12-word combinations created in this process can be expressed as 10 to the 34th power (e.g., 10x10x10x10x10x10x10...34x total).
    • To put that in context, 10 to the 20th power is 100 quintillion; 10 to the 34th power is 100 followed by 32 zeros! Your recovery sentence is unique to your device only. 
  • Personalize the device: 
    • Select a unique PIN to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Label your KeepKey to differentiate it from others.  

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