What is a change address?

Change Addresses Explained (aka "unspent amount")

The fact that you are seeing a higher value transaction accompanying your intended transaction is a normal occurrence. The amount you see pending is called a "change" address. It is the real-world equivalent of paying for a $12 item with a $20 bill, then receiving $8 in change. Most transactions have more than one input or output. 

This particular transaction had one input and two outputs. You can see this visually by clicking on "details" in the transaction log.  The change address will show up in the blockchain, but not in the KeepKey client's transaction log.  

Conversely, sometimes a transaction will have multiple inputs but only one output (w/ no change address). For example, if I have four bitcoin addresses each with exactly $5, and I have to pay for a $20 item, it would take all four $5 bills (inputs) to create the desired $20 output.   

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